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I'm a pansexual trans girl that loves fat sexy people & this is a blog for people of ALL genders.


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So adorably cute!

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Hello boys and gals! I am currently doing half price everything in my inventory/ half off shows/ accepting donations due to medical bills.

I got stung by a bee for the first time in almost 10 years and was covered in hives head to toe and left with a big dent in my rent. 

The ONLY reason I’m asking is because I’m in a very tight position and my rent is due tomorrow. I’m doing better, but the reaction was so bad I’m still getting traces of hives which makes cam work a little embarrasing/self concious to say the least.

Signal boost it guys, please, its really important!


Big belly fanatic

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(Source: j0ksd9)


In my latest update, watch me enjoy a nice long, luxurious smoke in the park @ CydSoDelicious.com


well behaved feedee!

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Belly <3 I love my belly, it’s pretty amazing


Hello fellas, are you aware I sell my sex/fapping vids privately?  I have a plethora of stuff and am raising money for my bills, food, living needs ect. My birthday is coming up and I really do need the extra help. In leiu of presents, I just want to be able to pay my bills, have things like toilet paper and cat food, and have a nice relaxing birthday at home, playing some vidja games.
I have anal, squirting, fucking, DP, pussy pumping, fisting, strap-on stroking, shaving, feets, huge dildos and many many maaanny more. All vids are of high quality, sent through skype or an external hosting site. Videos start at $5 and end at $50. 
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New bra :3 hehe